About Us

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to quality solutions that you can understand and afford!

We Create Custom Solutions

Every project is unique and important to us. We think through the solution from the end users perspective and how they will interact with our products while providing a high quality experience.

We Listen To You

So often companies come in with an agenda. We listen to the needs you have and strive to not only meet those needs, but provide you with room for growth.

Affordable & Honest

So many companies are looking to squeeze every penny from you and cut every corner. We are always fair, honest and forthcoming in everything we do.

Our History

Learn where Fresh Tech Integrations came from and how it became the solution focused company it is today.


The Beginning

In February of 2002, Brandon Cecil officially started his sound reinforcement business called All Around Sound Productions, providing sound reinforcement and disc jockey services to the Pittsburgh area. From the beginning, his goal was to always provide the best service at competitive prices utilizing top of the line equipment.


Impact Audio

In early 2005, due to the success of All Around Sound Productions, he decided to expand the business and form a separate division called Impact Audio. IA was aimed at serving the corporate and touring market, and continuing commitment to providing first quality service, equipment and value to their customers.


Fresh Tech

Impact Audio slowly began to move more and more to installing systems and solutions, and saw a large gap in the industry for well designed solutions. In 2017 Impact Audio became Fresh Tech Integrations.


Fresh Tech Integrations now provides solutions that just simply work. You won’t see any extra gear, or shortcuts; just honest, easy to use solutions.


Fresh Tech’s custom shop allows every solution to be a perfect fit. There is no cookie cutter solutions, just the one designed specifically for you.

Our Services

Fresh Tech Integrations provides a wide array of services. Check out the different ways we can serve you!

Custom Fabrication

Our Custom Shop is capable of manufacturing anything you want, from custom panels and cables, to stage and scenic elements. Let us know what you’re dreaming about and we’ll make it happen! Check out our custom shop HERE.

Network Design and Installation

Wish your Wi-FI just worked? Or maybe you need a stable network infrastructure. Either way, we’re here to help. We’ll help you get a stable, secure, and fast system up and running in no time.


Whether it’s a small conference room setting, or a large space with a full band, we have experts that are here to help. With decades of installation and event experience, we are confident we can develop the perfect solution, just for you!


From large performance environments to architectural settings, we are confident in our design and installation team’s skills that will leave people speechless.